Fresh Ingredients & Homemade Goods

At The Bear we treat food as the body and soul nourishing experience that it was meant to be. Never fried and always made with care, our breakfast and lunch options combine wholesome ingredients and inviting parings.

If you would like to order breakfast or lunch to-go, please call 15-30 minutes ahead of pick up.
Here’s our number: (712) 580-2327! 🙂

Click here to download our menu (PDF)

Direct Trade Coffee

The Bear proudly uses Intelligentsia coffee beans. Intelligentsia is a Direct Trade coffee that is carefully monitored to provide the best whole bean, brewed and espresso options available in partner coffee bars.

We are excited to share Intelligentsia with you and provide you with the best coffee experience on the market.

Wine and Spirits

With anything-but-ordinary bar offerings, The Bear provides a comprehensive list of wine and spirits from across the United States. We offer weekly wine specials for in-house enjoyment or retail. You’ll find that our selection is as diverse as it is competitively priced. Interested in joining our Wine Club? Click here for more information.